Shows 2017-2020

Et koronaskadd utstillingsår kan man trygt si

Naustdal, Førde 10.10.2020 Proudladys Storming Bazaar "Frida", Cert og BIR og ny norsk Champion!

Finnish & Helsinki Winner Shows, Helsinki Dec. 7&8th 2019

Proudlady Storming Bazaar "Frida"  Exc2 jun class 

Proudlady Storming Bazaar "Frida" Exc2 jun class, 3 best bitch, res-CC.

This is two really big shows with huge entries and stiff competion. Frida did really well in strong competition. Really proud of her!

Best bitch class Sunday

Nordic & Int. NKC Lillestrøm Nov. 15 & 16th 2019

Proudlady Storming Bazaar "Frida"  Exc1 jun class, 2 best bitch, CC, NORDIC CC and won the title NjW-19

Proudlady Storming Bazaar "Frida" Exc1 jun class, 3 best bitch.

Super results for Ingrid and Frida all on their own!

IDS Bornholm, Denmark August 17th & 18th 2019

Bazaars Yes Me "Jessie" BOB puppy x 2

Ch. Bazaars Queen Bee "Rosie" Exc1 ch class, CK, 1BB, CACIB & BOB + Group 1! New International Champion!

Sunday: Exc1 ch class, CK, 1BB & BOB

Mosseutstilligene, Råde, July 27Th & 28th 2019

Bazaars Yes Me "Jessie" BOB puppy x 2

Proudlady Storming Bazaar "Frida Exc1 junior class 3BB & Exc1 junior class 1BB CC & BOS

This was o VERY hot weekend and we went home after judging instead of showing Jessie in finals.

IDS Turku Winter Show Jan. 20th 2019

Ch. Now I'm Bazaar Starring Moravia "Pavel": Res-CC :-(  I'm giving up on Fi Ch for him... 

World Winner Dog Show Amsterdam, 12.08.2018

Ch. Pavel & Ch. Rosie both got Excellent in Ch class but did not place in this huge competition. Both showed beautifully and it was great meeting old and new friends. The arrangement in itself leaves a lot the be desired, and it's totally exhausting getting dogs and folks in and out and finding your way in the chaos. I could not have managed without help. Probably one of the very last WW shows I will actually enter a dog. I'm getting too old for this crazy and very expensive business...

Our veteran, the co-owned Ch. Dream Catcher Starring Moravia "Emil" won Best veteran and BOB veteran + VWW-18. That was very nice as he was JWW-10, WW-13 and VWW-18. Lovely dog!

Emil winning VWW-18

DKC Nordic BIllund, Denmark 04.08.2018

Ch. Now I'm Bazaar Starring Moravia "Pavel" Exc 1 Ch. class, CK, 1 best male with Nordic Show CC and BOB. 

Pavel fullfilled the requirements for the title  NORDIC SHOW CHAMPION as the first Norwegian  Poodle! 

Ch. Bazaars Queen Bee "Rosie" 4 best bitch and again no Nordic CC for her :-(

She's incredibly unlucky with these CC's,how hard can it be?

We were en route to World Winner Dog Show in Amsterdam and packed everything up and continued south....

SKC Nordic and Poodle Speciality Vasterås, Sweden 21 & 22.07-2018

Ch. Bazaar Queen Bee "Rosie" 4 best bitch and no Nordic show CC for her :-(

Sunday, Poodle Speciality: Exc 1 Ch. class, CK, 1 best bitch and BOB. Ended the day as Best in Show 2. 

Victory at the wrong show, but great all the same as the competition was very strong, haven't seen such bredth and depth in quality in Miniatures for a long time. Top class judge with superb understanding of the breed, Monika Halmi....thank you!

NKC Int. Trondheim, 30.06.2018

Ch. Now I'm Bazaar Starring Moravia "Pavel" Exc 1 Ch class, 1 best male, CACIB & BOS

Ch. Bazaars Queen Bee "Rosie" Exc 1 Ch class, 1 best bitch, CACIB & BOB

We love a trip to Trondheim once or twice a year and the results are nearly always good :-)

SKC NORDIC, Vanersborg, 09.06.2018

Ch. Now I'm Bazaar Starring Moravia "Pavel" Exc 1 Ch. class, CK, 1 best male with NORDIC CC and BOB.

Ch. Bazaars Queen Bee "Rosie" Exc 2 Ch class, 2 best bitch.

Hot day, did not wait for the finals but headed straight back home for water and shade.

Danish Poodle Club Anniversary Shows x 4, March 26th & 27th 2018

Supreme BIS 1

Int. No Se Dk Ch. DKW - 16 NORDW - 16 Now I’m Bazaar Starring Moravia “ Pavel” 

Exc 2 Ch. Class 2 best male x 4 🥈


No Se Dk Fi Ch. DKjW - 16 Bazaars Queen Bee “Rosie” 

Exc 1 Ch. Class CK 1 best bitch BOB and Best in Show 1

Exc 2 Ch. Class CK 2 Best bitch

Exc 1 Ch. Class CK 1 best bitch BOS and BOS/BIS 2

Was lured away on a trip to Denmark by good friends, and didn’t know much more than it was supposed to be four shows in two days. Didn’t need anything like Cc’s or such but it turned out to be a real show anyhow with lots of finals and prizes among them a Supreme Best in Show competition with surprise judge. Both dogs showed really well, and was among top two in all four shows which is really great in itself. Rosie even won a ticket to the Supreme BIS with winning #1 show BIS at the very first show. To my surprise she won the Supreme BIS too! Would have been really pleased had she placed among top four but winning with such competition was beyond me. That was a lot of icing on the cake.

And last but not least No Ch. Bazaars Blossom (Morris/Stella) won the CC on the very last show and can now call herself No Dk Ch. Well done Ingrid and Milla!

Winner 🏆🌟
BOB show 1

IDS NKC, Kristiansand, March 17 th 2018

No Se Dk Fi Ch. DKjV-16 DKV -17 Bazaars Queen Bee «Rosie» Exc 1 Ch class, CK, 1 best bitch with CACIB and BOB.

Needed CACIB so that was nice! We didn’t stay for the group AS it would have been 5-6 hours wait and we had a long drive home. 

IDS NKC Bø i Telemark Feb. 11th 2018

Ch. Now I'm Bazaar Starring Moravia "Pavel" Exc 1 Ch class, 1 best male, NORDIC SHOW CH. CC, BOS. 

Ch. Bazaars Queen Bee "Rosie" Exc 1 Ch class, 3 best bitch

Nice start on the new year. We are going to show sparingly this year (I hope)

NKC INT, Lillestrøm Dec. 18th 2017

Last show this year 😅

Pavel 4 bm

Rosie 2 bb

FKC Int Show Åland, 01.10.2017

Int. No Se Dk Ch. NjW-15 DKW-16 NORDW-16 Now I’m Bazaar Starring Moravia «Pavel» Exc 1 Ch class, 2 best male, reserve CC, reserve CACIB 

No Se Dk Ch DKjW-16 Bazaars Queen Bee «Rosie» Exc 1 Ch class, 1 best bitch CC CACIB and BOB. New Finnish Champion.

Nice trip to Åland and both showed beautifully ❤️💙


NKC Int Show, Trondheim, July 2nd 2017

Int. No Se Dk Ch NjW-15 NORDW-16 DKW-16 Now I'm Bazzar Starting Moravia "Pavel" Exc 1 Ch class CK 1 best male, CACIB and BOB.

Good boy, he's going into retirement for 3 months due to long term vacation 😬

No Se Dk Ch. DKjW-16 Bazaars Queen Bee, Exc 3 open class CK.

She's going on vacation too until 1st weekend in October.

Double Up NAT Show Sandefjord, June 3 & 4th 2017

DKjW1-16 Bazaars Queen Bee "Rosie" Exc 1 Open class, CK, CC, 1 best bitch, BOB and Group 2!

Very nice way to become Champion of Norway, Sweden and Denmark in one stroke. Horrible cold day with wind and pouring rain but Rosie kind og likes rain, so she just showed on. Not very keen on showing the next day but as she placed so high in the group, we left the tent there and showed Sunday too.

Sunday: DKjW-16 No Se Dk Ch. Bazaars Queen Bee, Exc 1 open class, CK, 1 best bitch and BOS.

Same shitty weather so happy to go home and dry up.

SKK Int. Gimo, May 27th 2017

NjW-15 NordW-16 DKW-16 Now I'm Bazaar Starring Moravia "Pavel" Exc 1 Ch. class, CK, 1 best male with CACIB and BOS.

He finished his International Champion title at the tender age of 2,5 years, that's fast. Needed one more CACIB in a third country and got it at first try. Happy with him!

DKjW-16 Bazaars Queen Bee "Rosie", Exc 1 Open class, CK, 2 best bith with Res CC and Res CACIB.

Not sure I understand why she was second after winning that huge open class, but it happenened, so we must go to Sweden again later on.

Pavel in best male
New Int. Ch!
Good boys get new toys 😁

Nat. Bø, January 14th & 15th 2017

Saturday: NjW-15 NORDW-16 DKV-16 Now I'm Bazaar Starring Moravia "Pavel" Exc 1 open cl, CK, 1 bm, CC and BOB. Shortlisted in group. 

Last and crowning CC made him Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Champion!

Bazaars Baroness "Carla" Exc1 junior class, CK, 2 bb with CC and BOB junior.

What a showgirl, frist time out and green as grass but showed herself to perfection. Lovely, lovely bitch ❤ Sunday same result but nothing for Pavel...

Pavel new ch and Bob. Bos Molineux Moulin Rogue, a Morris Daughter
Carla Bob junior